Western Civilizations Brief 4th Edition Pdf Free Download

A complete history of western civilizations, brief 4th edition pdf free download with 91 chapters averaging about 2,000 words each! – Volume I – 8,000 BCE to the Middle Ages (2016 CE) – Volume II – The Renaissance to the Age of Louis XIV (1494-1661) – Volume III – The Age of Absolutism to the 20 th   Century (1660-2017 CE)

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The history of Western Civilization is mostly a narrative about human migration and civilization building. The dissolution of the Mongolian, Islamic and Ottoman empires and the opening up of new trade routes, such as those to India and China led to a search for new resources such as precious metals and more land to farm, as well as more ports. At this time, Spain began making voyages to the Americas and conquered it.

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About Western Civilizations Brief 4th Edition Pdf Free Download

The Renaissance and Reformation, 1450–1550; Age of Discovery and Imperialism, 1500–1775; and the Enlightenment and the Nineteenth Century Liberal Order, 1775–1914 and beyond. It features a number of illustrations, maps, graphs, brief biographies of major historical figures, summaries of major historical developments and events throughout Western history.

Western Civilization: A Concise History​ is an Open Educational Resource textbook covering the history of Western Civilization from approximately 8,000 BCE to 2017 CE. It is available in three volumes covering the following time periods and topics:

  • Volume 1: from the origins of civilization in Mesopotamia c. 8,000 BCE through the early Middle Ages in Europe c. 1,000 CE. Volume 1 covers topics including Mesopotamia,Egypt, Persia, Greece, Rome, the Islamic caliphates, and the early European Middle Ages.
  • Volume 2: from the early Middle Ages to the French Revolution in 1789 CE. Volume 2covers topics including the High Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the European conquest of the Americas, the Reformation, the Scientific Revolution, and the Enlightenment.
  • Volume 3: from the Napoleonic era to the recent past. Volume 3 covers topics including the Industrial Revolution, the politics of Europe in the nineteenth century, modern European imperialism, the world wars, fascism, Nazism, and the Holocaust, the postwar era, the Cold War, and recent developments in economics and politics.

Table of content: Western Civilizations Brief 4th Edition Pdf Free Download

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: The Origins of Civilization
  • Chapter 2: Mesopotamia
  • Chapter 3: Egypt
  • Chapter 4: The Bronze Age and the Iron Age
  • Chapter 5: The Archaic Age of Greece
  • Chapter 6: Persia and the Greek Wars
  • Chapter 7: The Classical Age of Greece
  • Chapter 8: The Hellenistic Era
  • Chapter 9: The Roman Republic
  • Chapter 10: The Roman Empire
  • Chapter 11: The Late Empire and Christianity
  • Chapter 12: The Fall of Rome
  • Chapter 13: Byzantium
  • Chapter 14: Islam and the Caliphates
  • Chapter 15: Early Medieval Europe

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