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In Tony’s new book, he leads the reader on a journey of self-discovery where you will for the first time gain clarity about your purpose and vision for your life. When you are clear about the “WHY” of what you are doing in life, it’s much easier to find or create the right “WHAT” and “HOW.” In Make It Work, Tony has created an instruction manual that will help you uncover your path in life and remove any obstacles that are holding you back while unlocking one of your greatest gifts.

About Tony Gaskins Make It Work Pdf

Proven principles—drawn from real life failures and successes—for building and sustaining a loving, healthy relationship in today’s trying times, from celebrity life coach and motivational speaker, Tony Gaskins Jr.

After speaking out about how weak and insecure men control women in relationships in 2009 on several globally televised shows, Tony Gaskins launched his career as a life coach and relationship counselor. Since then, Gaskins, who has been a faithful and committed husband for over a decade, has counseled thousands and inspired millions online, becoming one of America’s foremost experts on love and relationships.

Practical and accessible, and delivered in the empowering, empathetic tone his devoted following has come to love and trust, Make It Work walks you through a series of essential lessons on how to maintain a healthy and long-lasting relationship. Drawing inspiration from the Bible and from his own personal failures and successes, Gaskins offers a framework for how to recognize the right person to settle down with, how to set standards that promote loving relationships—and what to avoid in a successful union.

Make It Work arrives as a hopeful response to a culture where breakups and divorces are all too common, and it serves as a vital resource to help your relationship thrive today. 

About The Make It Work Pdf Author

Tony Gaskins is a motivational speaker, author and life coach. Having appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Tyra Banks Show and TBN’s 700 Club.

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