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The Power of When

Do you want to increase your productivity and be more organized? Do you want to know the best time to start your day, when to schedule important tasks and what time is best for taking breaks? Do you want to know how the time of day can influence your health, happiness and well-being? If so, then this book is for you!

In The Power of When, we will explore how our bodies work together with our minds and our environments. You’ll learn how to harness the power of time to make better decisions about everything from work to play. We’ll cover topics such as:

-The impact of circadian rhythms on mood and health

-How our daily routines affect our ability for success

-The importance of having clear goals and plans in place before starting a project or new endeavor.

We’re going to talk today about the power of when.

When you know when to do something, you can make sure that it gets done, and you can make sure that it gets done well. But if you don’t know when to do something—if you don’t know what the right time is to act—then it’s very easy for things to slip through the cracks.

For example: Imagine that you need to send out a newsletter to your customers. It’s important because they want it, but there are always lots of other things competing for your attention, so it’s easy for this task to get pushed back and back until one day—whoops!—it’s three months overdue.

What if we could all just be more organized? What if we could find a way to ensure that every single task we set out to do got done on time?

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About The Book The Power of When Pdf

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Michael J. Breus, PhD, is a clinical psychologist and both a diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine and a fellow of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

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