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As a nation, we’re used to looking at the world as if it’s a series of variables and constants, but sometimes the best way to understand something is to look at it from the opposite end—to see what it would look like if it wasn’t like that.

It’s not just about seeing things differently; it’s about understanding them better.

The Logic of American Politics explores the idea that politics is not an equation with fixed variables, but rather a system where variables are constantly changing and every action has consequences on other parts of the system.

This book will help you understand how politics works in America, who’s controlling what, and why your vote matters more than you think.

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About The Book The Logic of American Politics Pdf

Conveying how the American political system is both extraordinary & complex, the authors explain in a simple & straightforward way that there is a rationale embedded in the U.S. political system. 

The Logic of American Politics

The Logic of American Politics, written by William H. Riker and Peter Ordeshook, is a book that explains how politicians achieve their goals. The book explains how politicians can win elections, make laws and govern. The authors argue that political actors are rational individuals who act to further their own interests and goals. This book is significant because it presents a new approach to understanding American politics.

Riker and Ordeshook developed the theory of rational choice in order to explain why politicians behave in certain ways. They argued that politicians should be treated like other market participants who attempt to maximize their gains or minimize their losses. Political actors are not necessarily trying to do what is best for society as a whole; rather they may try to achieve specific goals such as winning an election or passing legislation. The authors also suggested that voters would vote based on their self-interests rather than on general principles like ideology or social welfare issues (Riker & Ordeshook, 2010).

The authors also argued that there were two types of political behavior: strategic and nonstrategic (Riker & Ordeshook, 2010).

About The Author For The Logic of American Politics Pdf

Samuel Kernell is professor of political science at the University of California, San Diego, where he has taught since 1977.

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