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You think you’re smart. You have nothing to fear. Your assets are hidden, and are beyond the reach of anyone who would wish to rise against you. Or so you thought. Today there is a new breed of lawyer prowling for prey — not a lion dressed in the king’s clothing ready to maul your unsuspecting backside. The members of this new breed are called corporate predators, and they’re smarter than most of their peers. In the book Start your own Corporation epub, author Garrett Sutton explores the perils that face business owners who choose not to form corporations but still operate businesses. He then provides sound and detailed advice on how you can limit your liability going forward, including:

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The legal liability you face every single day as an individual is immense. Not just from the IRS and your peers, but also from random strangers, potential clients, and anyone who decides they don’t like you or they want to hurt your business. As your corporation grows it must now face new types of liability like being sued for violating federal securities laws or operating a criminal enterprise. Garrett Sutton books on corporations educates you on how to protect both you and your valuable assets so that the assets are not wasted defending yourself in court for something beyond your control (which you can often prevent altogether).

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We live in a highly litigious world. As you live your life you must keep your guard up. As you grow your wealth you must protect it. For those who don’t predators await, and their attorneys will use every trick in the toolbox to get at – whether large or small-your unprotected assets. Start Your Own Corporation educates you on an action plan to protect your life’s gains. Corporate attorney and best selling author Garrett Sutton clearly explains the all too common risks of failing to protect yourself and the strategies for limiting your liability going forward. The information is timely, accessible and applicable to every citizen in every situation. Garrett Sutton has spent the last thirty years protecting clients’ assets and implementing corporate structures to limit liability. This significant experience shines through in a very readable book on the why to’s and how to’s for achieving asset protection. Start Your Own Corporation teaches how to select between corporations and LLCs and how to use Nevada and Wyoming entities to your maximum advantage.
This non-technical and easy to understand book also educates on the importance of following corporate formalities, using business tax deductions and building business credit. Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki says, “Start Your Own Corporation is a must read for anyone with any assets to protect.”

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Garrett Sutton is an attorney, best selling author and one of Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Advisors. A clear and engaging writer, Garrett demystifies legal topics and presents them in a very understandable and accessible manner. Garrett has over thirty years experience in assisting individuals and businesses to limit their liability, protect their assets, implement advantageous corporate structures and advance their financial goals. Garrett is the author of “Start Your Own Corporation,” “Writing Winning Business Plans,” “Buying and Selling a Business” and “The ABC’s of Getting Out of Debt” among other titles. Garrett is the owner and operator of, which since 1988, has provided affordable asset protection and corporate formation services, as well as resources for entrepreneurs and real estate investors. Robert Kiyosaki, the best selling author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad calls Garrett and Corporate Direct “the premiere source for asset protection strategies.” Garrett attended Colorado College and the University of California at Berkeley, where he received a B.S. in Business Administration in 1975. He graduated with a J.D. in 1978 from Hastings Law, the University of California’s law school in San Francisco. He has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and other publications. Garrett enjoys speaking on asset protection strategies and is a frequent lecturer for business groups and the Rich Dad’s Advisors educational series. Garrett serves on the boards of the American Baseball Foundation, located in Birmingham, Alabama, and the Reno-Nevada based Sierra Kids Foundation. For more information on Garrett Sutton, please visit his Web sites at,, and

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