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Slay in your lane pdf free download inspired a generation of black British women to reject ‘settling’ and push for their dreams. It was on the list of books that Barack Obama read during his inauguration in January 2017, and it has been translated into Dutch and French. Now it’s time to take action.

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Slay in your lane book pdf download is a beautiful and uplifting celebration of black British women’s multi-faceted contributions to UK society. Slay in your lane book pdf celebrates the importance of self-love and how this is key to success for black women everywhere. From using your voice, to having the confidence to have those difficult conversations, it’s time to.

About The Book: Slay In Your Lane Pdf Free Download

Bought it as a gift for a friend alongside the stay in your lane pdf. She loves it! She’s spoken highly of all the activities in the journal. 10/10 recommend I want one for myself!

The essential companion to Slay in Your Lane (‘Seismic’ Sunday Times; ‘A cultural landmark’ Daily Telegraph). Slay in Your Lane: The Journal is the beautifully illustrated, empowering and practical toolkit for a generation of black British women inspired to find success in every area of their lives.
We decided to create Slay in Your Lane: The Journal shortly after our book tour ended last year. After so many events, talking to thousands of women, we realised that the same questions were cropping up again and again. In this journal we distil our answers to those questions, and the many others raised by Slay in Your Lane, into practical ways to help you create a better and more visible future for yourself

With Slay in Your Lane Elizabeth Uviebinené and Yomi Adegoke started a national conversation. Now they want you to join them in making changes.

Packed full of practical exercises, worksheets, questionnaires and actionable tips, Slay in Your Lane: The Journal will help you get ahead in everything from relationships to starting a successful side hustle, building your personal brand, knowing your worth at work, finances, self-care, and health.

It will give you the tools and the confidence to be in the driving seat of your life, and not just a passenger: showing you exactly how to slay in your own lane

Reviews of Slay In Your Lane Pdf Free Download

One of the BEST books I’ve read in my life!! I’m so glad I bumped into this book mentioned by a youtuber.

It’s been the thing I’ve been needing without realising that I needed it.
Normally my reality injections for my black female realities would come from Chimamanda. But to now receive it from two black women, British born and bred with African backgrounds! Ah, my life is set!!

I’m so grateful for the content in this book – it has made me literally L.O.L on the DLR (chapter Water Cooler Microagressions) to crying literal tears of sadness in Starbucks in Westfield! The chapter “Black girls don’t cry” got me!!

I have taken this book everywhere with me in the last few weeks and I’ve been recommending it up and down london to all my friends. Even to my guy friends.
It’s provided the basis for me to open up about my struggles because now I have a directory source to quote.
This book has been healing.

If you’re white or Asian or anything non-black, this book is for you to actually understand black women.

So I was urged to read this book by a friend and then I read the reviews on Amazon. I was amazed to find that the most helpful review was writtrn by a white male trashing it. While others were so positive. Now that I have read this I wanted to add my thoughts.

After reading this book I literally feel inspired and motivated. Don’t get me wrong some of the statistics can be depressing but the book is written in such a way that it is very accessible. Also you don’t have to read for long to find the positives. It is lovely to read these stories from Black women that are doing so well. This therefore gives the book a very positive outlook. I will be sharing this with my girl friends definitely. This is especially a Black British Women must read not only for the facts and statistics it gives but the self help and encouragement it preaches. I don’t really know how you can fault it.

About Slay In Your Lane Pdf Free Download Author

Yomi Adegoke is a mutli award-winning journalist and author. She writes about race, feminism, popular culture and how they intersect, as well as class and politics. She has worked at ITN, Channel 4 News and The Pool as a senior writer and freelanced for Vogue, the Guardian and the Independent amongst others. In 2018 she was listed as one of most influential people in London by the Evening Standard. She was awarded journalist of the year by the Woman In Africa awards, named a Marie Claire Future Shaper and was awarded the Groucho Maverick
Elizabeth Uviebinené is an award-winning Marketing Manager from London. A natural in creative storytelling and idea generation, with a passion for brands, Elizabeth creates marketing campaigns that are culturally progressive and commercially impactful. In 2018, Elizabeth was recognised by The Dots as a woman redefining the creative industry, and awarded a Rising Star in the PR, Communications and Marketing industry by WeAreTheCity.

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