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ABOUT THE BOOK Screenwriter’s Bible 6th Edition PDF free download

The Screenwriter’s Bible is six books in one.

Book 1 — A screenwriting primer that provides a concise presentation of screenwriting basics.

Book 2 — A workbook that walks the writer through the writing process, from nascent ideas through revisions.

Book 3 — A formatting guide that presents correct formats for both screenplays and TV scripts.

Book 4 — A spec writing guide that demonstrates today’s spec style through sample scenes and analysis.

Book 5 — A sales and marketing guide that presents proven strategies to help you create a laser-sharp marketing plan.

Book 6 — A resource guide that provides addresses and contacts for industry organizations, schools, publications, support groups, services, contests, etc. Among its wealth of practical information are sample query letters, useful worksheets and checklists, hundreds of examples, sample scenes, and straightforward explanations of screenwriting fundamentals. The “Bible” was a featured selection of The Writer’s Digest Book Club.

Table of Contents

Book I – How to Write a Screenplay, A Primer
How stories work — Situation, conflict, and resolution — The flow of the story — The low down on high concept — Story layering, plot, and genre — Ten keys to creating captivating characters — Dialogue, subtext, and exposition — How to make a scene — Suspense and comedy – Television

Book II – 7 Steps to a Stunning Script, A Workbook
Step 1, Summon your Muse — Step 2, Dream up your movie idea — Step 3, Develop your core story — Step 4, Create your movie people — Step 5, Step out your story — Step 6, Write your first draft — Step 7, Make the necessary revisions — The Character/Action Grid

Book III – Correct Format for Screenplays & TV Scripts, A Style Guide
How to use this guide and its unique cross-referencing tools — Sample scenes — The cover, title page, first page, and last page — Headings (slug lines) — Description — Dialogue — How to format TV scripts — Glossary — Complete formatting index

Book IV – Writing Your Breakthrough Spec Script, A Script Consultant’s View
The spec script, your key to breaking in — Exercises in revising scenes — The first ten pages (a sample plus an analysis)

Book V – How to Sell Your Script, A Marketing Plan
How to protect your work — What you must do before entering the market — Your strategic marketing plan (with worksheets) — How to find an agent — The query letter (with sample letters) — How to pitch without striking out — How to sell your script without an agent — Television — Hollywood’s back door — How to break into Hollywood when you live in Peoria — A personal challenge

Book VI – Resources and Index
Industry organizations and guilds — Script consultants, seminars, and schools — Internet sites — Directories, periodicals, and writers organizations — Bookstores — Software — Books for screenwriters and TV writers — Contests — General index

about the author

David Trottier is a writer, a producer, a script consultant, and a popular screenwriting teacher who has developed and perfected The Screenwriter’s Bible during the more than fifteen years that he has spent helping screenwriters attain their goals.

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