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The RxPrep Course Book (aka the Big Blue Book) is amazing! The tables and pictures make it really easy to find information quickly. The procedure checklists and the compounding checklists make it simple to know exactly how to prepare something. I love the surgery checklists too. I am so happy I picked up this book before my boards exam.

For years, the same rough draft of RxPrep’s Course Book has been circulated to students and teachers. The previous ad hoc book wasn’t meant to replace a classic textbook, but rather as a support tool. Our first edition of the Course Book was only 6 chapters and 153 pages, and covered about 12% of pharmacotherapeutics for pharmacy school exams!

About RxPrep’s 2017 Course Pdf

WHAT’S NEW IN THE 2017 RXPREP COURSE BOOK Compounding, Sterile & Non-Sterile -Improved x 10, complete, with “how to” sections in the compounding chapters, including: -How to garb, how to clean the sterile hood, how to clean hands for sterile compounding, how to compound non-sterile preparations (ointments, capsules, others), and more. -Definition boxes to help simplify understanding of common use and terms. -A complete list of common excipients with common use. -Full of pictures and explanations that will make your preparation go well.

Are you looking for the best preparation book available? I probably don’t need to convince you that Dr. Smith created the absolute best book on preparing for the NAPLEX. Of course, if you are an international student taking one of Dr. Smith’s multiple version classes then it might be worth considering the international version (the only difference is that is uses metric units). But from my experience, I would put the U.S. Course Book up against any prep book, in any country. It is all you will need for your NAPLEX preparation and a great resource for Boards as well. Oh yeah, and it is not too expensive either!

For those using the online videos, the compounding chapters now correspond to demos taped in a compounding pharmacy. Watch how preparations are made. For All Chapters: Guideline Updates, New Drugs & Safety Updates that 2017 Test-Takers Will Need. Biostatistics and Calculations, Made Simpler. More Practice Cases. Study Tip Gal & Key Drugs Guy Help You Focus. Begin your preparation with two no-cost online assessment tests. -These will guide you to a study plan that matches to the current skill level. 

About The Author of RxPrep’s 2017 Course Pdf

Since 2001, RxPrep’s pharmacy licensure reviews for the NAPLEX® and pharmacy law exams have been the preferred study material used by top pharmacy schools, the largest chain employers and the majority of U.S. and foreign graduates.

The RxPrep team includes experienced pharmacists who practice in areas which are tested heavily, including community practice, hospital practice (such as internal medicine, infectious disease, pediatrics, cardiology, transplant and critical care) and other clinical specialties (such as dialysis, oncology, pharmacokinetics and biostatistics). The pharmacists who assist in each chapter, video and with test bank development are acknowledged at the top of the RxPrep Course Book chapter they helped write. The student-preferred lecturers are invited to teach in the video course.

The primary focus of the NAPLEX® exam concerns safe medication use, including the preparation of accurate dosages, safe compounding technique, and the ability to recognize when a medication or dose is unsafe and should not be dispensed. Our experienced team focuses on the same material: we help students identify common concerns with medications, concerns that are not as common but known to cause toxicity, and safe medication preparation.

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