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2018 is upon us and it’s time to take the next steps towards NBRC recertification. If you are like many of us, you might be wondering what your plan should be for studying and preparing for the exam. I wrote this blog to help give you an idea of what you need, and where to find it. This will be different for everyone but hopefully this will help you define your own plan effectively earn a high score on the new 2020 credentialing examination with Respiratory Care Exam Review pdf.

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There are hundreds of candidates who are anxiously waiting for the exact release date of the new 2020 credentialing examination. The NBRC has indicated that they are working hard to make sure it can be ready ASAP, however at this time there is no concrete date set when the exam will be available. That being said, in order to be in a position to pass the new credentialing exam in 2020, you need to start studying well before the exams are released. When they are finally released, you may need to study in short bursts because you’re already working full time in your respiratory care career.

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About The Book Respiratory Care Exam Review Pdf Free Download

Effectively earn a high score on the new 2020 NBRC credentialing examination with Respiratory Care Exam Review, 5th Edition. This new edition contains everything you need to review and prepare for the Therapist Multiple-Choice Examination and the advanced Clinical Simulations Exam that closely aligns with the NBRC’s new testing format. It includes over 800 questions (both multiple choice and open ended) within the text and online. Also on the accompanying Evolve website is both the Therapist Multiple-Choice Exam and twenty clinical simulations to provide additional practice and familiarize you with the computerized exam format.

2020 NBRC Detailed Content Outline and examination matrix are reflected in the updated text so you know exactly what to expect on the exams.
Comprehensive, yet concise approach utilizes a simple, straightforward outline format that is easy to follow.

Pre-tests of several multiple-choice questions are formatted like those found on the NBRC TMC and begin each chapter.

Open-ended post-chapter study questions help reinforce information.

Practice exam mirroring the new TMC is included at the back of the book with the answer key and rationales on Evolve.

Clinical Simulations on Evolve reflect the new quantity of simulations (20) and the newly revised length of these sims on the actual 2020 Clinical Simulation Exam (CSE).

Practice Exams on Evolve are available in both study (untimed) and exam (timed) modes to provide an additional opportunity to practice and experience the actual NBRC testing environment in a computerized format.

NEW! Thoroughly updated content incorporates the new 2020 NBRC Exam Content Outline.
NEW! Extensively updated questions have been added throughout the text and online resources.

NEW! Chapter-specific revisions include updates in the following areas:

oxygen delivery devices
endotracheal tube maintenance (cuff pressure, minimal leak, and occlusive volume techniques)
bronchscopy (bronchoscopy)
CPR procedures
hyperinflation devices
new drugs
pulmonary rehabilitation

About The Author For Respiratory Care Exam Review Pdf

Gary has conducted review workshops since 1990 with over 100,000 students around the country using his review textbooks and attending his workshops to help in the preparation for these important exams.

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