Rajesh Bardale Forensic Medicine PDF Download

Rajesh Bardale Forensic Medicine PDF Download

Rajesh Bardale Forensic Medicine PDF Download – Rajesh Bardale Forensic Medicine PDF is a comprehensive book for undergraduate students of forensic medicine. The book comprises of chapters on general principles of forensic medicine and toxicology, medicolegal autopsy, injuries and wounds, poisoning, death due to burns and electrical injuries, fatal occupational diseases and other topics. In addition, the book consists of several case studies for better understanding of the subject.

The author, Rajesh Bardale has adopted a student-friendly language while explaining the concepts in detail. This book is essential for medical students preparing for PG entrance examinations.

The study of Forensic Medicine can be traced back to ancient times, when it was known as the science of examining an individual’s death and determining the cause of death. The first recorded description of this science is shrouded in mystery, but we think that it was written sometime between 600 BC and 200 BC. During the Roman Empire, forensic medicine began to develop a more structured approach, with the first known forensic scientist being Publius Cornelius Celsus.

The study of Forensic Medicine has grown significantly over the years, and today there are many disciplines that rely on a wide variety of different types of evidence to help determine whether or not an individual committed a crime. Today forensic medicine is used in courtrooms all over the world to help determine whether or not a person is guilty of a particular crime and how they are sentenced for that crime.

The study of Forensic Medicine can be broken down into two different areas: 1) toxicology and 2) legal medicine. Toxicology involves examining all aspects of a person’s body, including their hair, nails, skin, stomach contents, etc., for any traces or evidence that may prove or disprove their involvement in committing a crime. Legal medicine is similar to toxicology but takes on a slightly different approach.

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About Rajesh Bardale Forensic Medicine Book in PDF

Principles of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology provides a comprehensive, step by step guide to the subject. Beginning with an introduction to legal procedures, medical jurisprudence and identification, the following chapters examine forensic methods for different causes of death, such as mechanical injury, road traffic accidents, firearm injuries, thermal injuries and asphyxia. Separate chapters are dedicated to DNA profiling and forensic osteology. Almost 1000 images and illustrations, as well as a number of mnemonics, have been included to assist learning.

The study of forensic medicine has been a part of the curriculum at Rajesh Barde Medical college since its inception in 1981. The main objective of the study was to gain knowledge regarding the human body and to treat such diseases as tuberculosis and leprosy.

The study itself was based on the examination of patients who were admitted to the hospital for medical attention in the form of short or long term treatment. The postmortem examinations were done following certain established guidelines. The scientific value of these studies is beyond question. The study is also useful for purposes such as research into physiological processes and also for training purposes.

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