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Preschool Worksheets Pdf free download takes kids through a spectacular journey that is fun and educational. With many interesting characters, colorful surroundings, and intriguing adventures – each adventure has a lesson within it to help little ones learn what they need to learn as they grow. The first lesson: to see the alphabet letters, the next to see numbers, then math symbols, then words, and so on. This Preschool Worksheets Pdf book is jam-packed with lessons for kids to practice their learning skills in a way that will capture their attention and encourage their curiosity. Lessons are all hands-on activities that have helped preschoolers learn since the first day of school. Every child has been exposed to this kind of learning before and remembers how much fun it was.

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This Preschool Worksheets Pdf book is a workbook for preschool children and has more than 200 colorful exercises. It’s designed so that children can learn various skills as they progress through the activities in the book. There are more than 500 different abc books currently on the market, but preschool worksheets pdf download is distinctive because it has been designed specifically to teach little children how to learn and has over 200 unique and high quality pictures which have been colorfully illustrated by a professional graphic artist. Many of the other abc books are created as a task for parents who have to quiz their children at bedtime or during reading time, but using a workbook is much more efficient and less traumatic for both parent and child… …Big Preschool Workbook – Preschool workbook with 300+ coloring pages.

About Preschool Worksheets pdf Free Download

Introducing the Preschool Workbook, an interactive 300+ page workbook designed for young children aged 4-5. It features engaging activities such as learning their ABCs, how to count, how to write the letters of the alphabet and more. This classically styled preschool workbook has games that make learning fun! Kids can trace letters with neon crayons and fill in ABC flashcards using stickers. Puzzles make practicing letter recognition a breeze. Directed discovery helps with visual discrimination while prewriting lessons encourage kids to use fingers to draw and write letters.

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Big Preschool Workbook is an A+ adventure, with more than 300 preschool activities, all designed to teach first learning skills and help get your child ready for school. With educational activities that make learning fun, your child will have a blast building the readiness skills they’ll need when they start kindergarten. From colors and shapes to alphabet letters, numbers, primary phonics, and pre-writing skills like drawing rainbows and making secret codes, this workbook is packed with learning opportunities for preschoolers who want to be ready for school.

Encourage early learning skills with Big Preschool Workbook from Kids Academy. This is more than just an abc book, kids can also learn numbers, basic math, and following directions. With the colorful and kid friendly illustrations and easy directions and visual clues, this preschool workbook is fun and easy to use.

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  • 320 pages: 319 activity pages, 1 award certificate
  • For ages 3-5
  • 7.75″ x 10.75″ pages with durable glossy cover
  • Book has 5 sections with Parent notes for each: Pre-writing, Alphabet, Colors & Shapes, Following Directions, Numbers & Early Math
  • The skill being practiced is listed at the bottom of each page
  • Colorful, kid friendly illustrations reinforce the lessons
  • Concepts flow from easy to more difficult, and pages are perforated to easily tear out for individual worksheets

AMAZING – Big Preschool Workbook has 300+ colorful exercises that make learning fun! An A+ adventure unfolds, as kids encounter sensational squares and rocking rectangles, a giant newt reading the newspaper and a dinosaur playing the drums. Bold, bright colors and illustrations ease little ones into learning without feeling overwhelmed. Lessons focus on must-know readiness basics, and help little ones learn colors, shapes, the alphabet letters, primary phonics, and pre-writing skills. This is more than just an abc book, kids can also learn numbers, basic math, and following directions. Activities appear in order of increasing difficulty, so preschoolers stay challenged until the end, constantly expanding their skills through reinforcement learning. With the colorful and kid friendly illustrations and easy directions and visual clues, this preschool workbook is fun and easy to use.

WORKBOOKS FOR KIDS – Using kids workbooks is a great way to improve learning. Writing by hand, as opposed to typing on a computer, fires up specific areas of a child’s brain, improving their ability to not only remember what he or she learns but to think of new ideas. This is a workbook kids are sure to enjoy! When kids finish the workbook, you can fill out the included “Great Job! You’re #1” completion certificate to reward a job well done.

RESULTS – Our learning materials have helped educate three generations of kids, creating lifelong learners, and the legacy continues. Digital content, kids flash cards, language and math workbooks, readers, toys, and learning card games are all crafted through a child’s eyes while integrating parent and teacher standards.

PREPARATION – Let us help you prepare your young children for the next grade level with our workbooks, flashcards, learning card games for kids, books and a Little Scholar Tablet. Keep kids “classroom ready” with these great supplemental learning tools and more!

AWARD WINNING – School Zone content has won The Parents’ Choice Foundation Award, Tillywig Toy Awards, Brainchild Award, Family Choice Award, Mom’s Choice Awards Honoring Excellence, Gold Star Toy Scholastic Parent and Child Award and many more.

OUR STORY – Almost 40 years ago, long-time educators James Hoffman, Ed.D., and his wife Joan Hoffman, M.A., began a retail supply outlet for teachers, then soon identified a need for at-home learning materials to help parents support and supplement their children’s classroom instruction. School Zone Publishing fast emerged as the market leader in workbooks and flashcards for preschoolers through sixth graders.

School Zone remains family-owned, focused on excellence, responsive to customers, alert to emerging technology, and committed to the community. We continually update our products with new features and content, reflective of changing standards, evolving teaching methods, and overall best practices.

About The Author Preschool Worksheets pdf Free Download

Joan Hoffman, M.A., is the author and co-author of hundreds popular storybooks and workbooks for children. Among the titles are Peter’s DreamI Don’t Like Peas, and The New Bike (the latter two published under the pen name Marie Vinje), the Get Ready for PreschoolKindergarten, and First Grade workbook trio, along with the entire Get Ready, Little Thinker, I Know It!, Try-n-Spy, and Little Busy Book workbook series.

She is also co-founder, along with her late husband James Hoffman, Ph.D., of School Zone Publishing. Visionary in business, she has long looked at the world through a child’s eyes, infusing her stories and lessons with joy and relatability.

 As a mother of 4 back in the ‘70s, like moms the world over throughout history, she wanted what was best for her children. And she knew that teachers didn’t have the time to give her kids everything they needed. As an elementary school teacher, Hoffman worked hard to give her students what they needed to learn. And parents would ask her what they could do to help. That’s why she started School Zone—to help give children every possible chance to reach their potential. 

She brought retail experience gleaned from previously founding and managing two regional educational book and supply stores for teachers and parents. Her husband lent his blended talents of educator and entrepreneur. A professor of education who also had first-hand experience as an elementary teacher, he was involved in teacher education programs at several colleges and had served at the helm of a company that published classroom materials.

Combining rock-solid editorial judgment and creative instincts with a thorough understanding of early education, Joan Hoffman was an exemplary proponent of design thinking long before it became a conceptual label. An innovative problem-solver, she has always sought to reach out to end users and challenge convention. Separating fleeting trends from legitimate advances has been essential to her company’s longevity.

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