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Wonderful book. One of the top I have ever read. I sometimes think of it as the Eastern ‘Course in Miracles’, for me. Very easy to read, full of insight and guidance for those seeking their inner selves. This book gets you direct contact with a true Master. Very long, but should be taken in doses anyway so you can try the techniques and process the concept which are very deep. I’m sure I will read it again.

The Book of Secrets is a step by step guide to find the best meditation suitable for you.

112 methods of meditation are described and introduced here with helpful background information to give contemporary people a door to meditation.

Reading this book, not only will your outlook on life change, but so will your life. If you want to know more about life and yourself this is your book.

Each chapter that focuses on describing specific meditation techniques is followed by a chapter of questions from those who were present during the talks. In most cases, their questions relate to the techniques given in the previous chapter. So, as you start to experiment with a technique, it will be helpful to look into these chapters for some extra hint, some greater depth of understanding, or response to a question that might have arisen for you in your experiments.

Table of Contents: Osho 112 Meditation Techniques Pdf Free Download

Introduction 3
Contents 5
1. The World of Tantra
2. The Path of Yoga and the Path of Tantra
3. Breath – A Bridge to the Universe
Watch the gap between two breaths
Watch the turning point between two breaths
Watch the fusion point of two breaths
Be aware when breathing stops
4. Overcoming the Deceptions of the Mind
5. Five Techniques of Attentiveness
Focus your attention on the third eye
Focus on the gap during your daily activities
A technique to be aware in dreams
Watch the turning point with devotion
Lie down as dead. Stare without blinking.
Suck something and become the sucking.
6. Devices to Transcend Dreaming
7. Techniques to Put You at Ease
Become the caress
Close your senses, become stone-like
Let yourself become weightless
8. Total Acceptance and Non-Division: The Meaning of Tantric Purity
9. Techniques for Centering
Concentrate totally on one object
Put your awareness on your spine
10. Self Actualization: The Basic Need
11. Techniques to Penetrate the Inner
Close all the openings of your head
Absorb the senses in your heart
Do not choose, keep in the middle
12. Beyond the Mind to the Source
13. Inner Centering
Look lovingly at an object
Sit on your buttocks only
Meditate in a moving vehicle
Concentrate on a pain in your body
14. Changing the Direction of Energy
15. Seeing the Past as a Dream
Look at your past, disidentified
Feel an object and become it
Watch your moods
16. Beyond the Sin of Unconsciousness
17. Several Stop Techniques
Face any desire
Exhaust yourself and drop to the ground
18. Remaining with the Facts
19. A Technique for the Intellectual and a Technique for the Feeling Type
Imagine yourself losing all energy
Devote yourself
20. Ordinary Love and the Love of a Buddha
21. Three Looking Techniques
Close the eyes and stop their movement
Look at an object as a whole
Look at an object as if for the first time
22. Unblocking the Third Eye
23. Several More Looking Methods
Look into the limitless sky
A secret method
Look into a deep well
Withdraw yourself completely
24. Doubt or Faith, Life or Death: The Bases of Different Paths
25. From Words to Pure Words to Being
Beyond words and sounds
Feel yourself in the center of sounds
26. Acceptance of the Peaks and the Valleys
27. Soundlessness, Soundfulness and Total Awareness
Intone a sound and become it
Listen to a fading sound
Listen to a stringed instrument
28. Meditation: An Unburdening of Repressions
29. Methods for the Dropping of Mind
Use sound as a passage toward feeling
Focus your mind on the tongue
A method for those with a sensitive ear
30. Surrendering in Sex and Surrendering to a Master
31. From Sound to Inner Silence
Intone a word ending in “AH”
Closing ears and contracting rectum
Use your name as a mantra
32. “No Fight” Is the Central Teaching
33. The Spirituality of the Tantric Sex Act
In the sex act, do not seek the release
Shaking in sex
Make love without the partner
When joy arises, become it
Eat and drink consciously
34. Cosmic Orgasm through Tantra
35. Turning Inward toward the Real
Feel the satisfaction
Be aware of the gap between waking and sleep
Think of the world as an illusion
36. From Illusion to Reality
37. Techniques to Witness the Flux-like Film of Life
Be undisturbed by desires
See the world as a drama
Stay in the middle between two polarities
38. Toward the Authentic Being
39. From the Wave to the Cosmic Ocean
Experience existence as wave-ing
Use mind as the door to meditation
Be aware who is sensing
40. Sudden Enlightenment and Its Obstacles
41. Tantric Methods for Awareness and NonJudgment
At the beginning of a strong sensation, be aware
Do not judge
42. Alertness through Tantra
43. Finding the Changeless through the Changing
Be aware of that which never changes in you
Remember that everything changes
44. Secrets of Love and Liberation
45. Remaining with the Real
Be hope-less
Go beyond bondage and freedom
46. The Tantric Way to Freedom from Desires
47. Tantric Meditation Using Light
Visualize light rays rising up your spine
Visualize a spark of light jumping from one chakra to the next
Feel the presence of the ever-living existence
48. The Potentiality of the Seed
49. Conscious Doing
Become the clarity of the cloudless sky
Feel the whole universe in your head
Remember yourself as light
50. Moving to the Roots
51. Coming Back to Existence
Dissolve into darkness
Bringing out the inner darkness
Develop pure attentiveness
52. Entering This Moment
53. From Death to Deathlessness
Focus on fire
Imagine the whole world burning
Everything converges in your being
54. The Fire of Awareness
55. Only the Unreal Dissolves
Feel, don’t think
Change your focus to the gaps
56. Discovering Emptiness
57. You Are Everywhere
Detach yourself from your body
Thinking no thing
58. Go Beyond Karma
59. Watch from the Hill
Imagine the unimaginable
Feel “I am”
60. Liberate Yourself From Yourself
61. Techniques to Become One with the Whole
Know the knower and the known
Include everything in your being
62. Right Now Is the Goal
63. Start Creating Yourself
Touch your eyes lightly
Experience your etheric body
64. Choicelessness Is Bliss
65. Destroy the Limits
Be aware of the moments of no-thought
Consider the body limitless
66. A Buddha Is a Nobody
67. Go Beyond Mind and Matter
Feel yourself saturated
Concentrate on the breasts, or on the root of the penis
68. Energy Enjoys Itself Playing
69. You Are Unknown to Yourself
Look into unlimited space
Fill endless space with your bliss body
70. Suffer the Pain of Aloneness
71. Forget the Periphery
Feel the peace in your heart
Expand in all directions
72. Start Living in Insecurity
73. Fear of Transformation Goes Deep
Remain detached
Believe that you are all-powerful
74. Sensitivity Is Awareness
75. Seek the Rhythm of Opposites
Imagine spirit within and without
Do not fight with desire
The limits of perception
Realize the oneness of existence
76. Life is Sex Energy
77. Become Each Being
Become each being
Know only consciousness exists
Become your own inner guide
78. The Inner Guide
79. The Philosophy of Emptiness
Feel your body as empty
Be playful in activity
Beyond knowing and not-knowing
Enter the space within
80. All and Nothing Mean the Same
About the Author
List of Meditations

About the author: Osho 112 Meditation Techniques Pdf Free Download

Osho is one of the most provocative and inspiring spiritual teachers of the twentieth century. Known for his revolutionary contribution to the science of inner transformation, the influence of his teachings continues to grow, reaching seekers of all ages in virtually every country of the world. He is the author of many books, including Love, Freedom, Aloneness; The Book of Secrets; and Innocence, Knowledge, and Wonder.

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