Operations and Supply Chain Management Book pdf

Operations and supply chain management is an essential part of any business and the related terminology, concepts, and theories are important to understand. The field of operations and supply chain management includes the planning, scheduling, and control of the activities that transform inputs into finished goods and services.

In this book you will learn about the following topics:

  • Processes
  • Process performance measures
  • Basic aggregate planning
  • Management of quality
  • Supply chains
  • Inventory management systems

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About Operations and Supply Chain Management Book in PDF

  • Covers current issues, focusing on global economy, analytics content that ties decisions to relevant data using math models, and appropriate strategies to solve real world problems.
  • Hot topics, changing businesses and reducing costs, are studied to clarify the “big picture”.
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Table of Contents of Operations and Supply Chain Management Book pdf

Section One: Strategy, Products, and Capacity
Ch. 1 Introduction
Ch. 2 Strategy
Ch. 3 Design of Products and Services
Ch. 4 Projects
Ch. 5 Strategic Capacity Management
5S Investment Analysis
Ch. 6 Learning Curves

Section Two: Manufacturing and Service Processes
Ch. 7 Manufacturing Processes
7S Manufacturing Technology
Ch. 8 Facility Layout
Ch. 9 Service Processes
9S Health Care
Ch. 10 Waiting Line Analysis and Simulation
Ch. 11 Process Design and Analysis
11S Operations Consulting
Ch. 12 Six Sigma Quality
Ch. 13 Statistical Quality Control

Section Three: Supply Chain Processes
Ch. 14 Lean Supply Chains
Ch. 15 Logistics, Distribution, and Transportation
Ch. 16 Global Sourcing and Procurement

Section Four: Supply and Demand Planning and Control
Ch. 17 The Internet of Things and ERP
Ch. 18 Forecasting
Ch. 19 Sales and Operations Planning
19S Linear Programming Using the Excel Solver
Ch. 20 Inventory Management
Ch. 21 Material Requirements Planning
Ch. 22 Workcenter Scheduling
22S Theory of Constraints

A Interest Tables
B Negative Exponential Distribution: Values of E–X
C Areas of the Cumulative Standard Normal Distribution
D Uniformly Distributed Random Digits
E Answers to Selected Objective

about the author

F. Robert Jacobs

Professor Emeritus of Operation and Decision Technologies, Kelly School of Business, Indiana University

Professor Jacobs is the author of three textbooks for McGraw-Hill including Operations and Supply Chain Management, Operations and Supply Management-The Core, and Manufacturing Planning and Control for Supply Chain Management. His PhD is from The Ohio State University and was at Indiana University for over 30 years. He taught in the PhD, MBA and undergraduate programs at the school. He currently teaches the Operations and Supply Chain course in the On-Line MBA at Villanova University. In addition, he recently has taught in programs in Germany and Croatia.

He is past president of the Decision Sciences Institute and has served on the Board of Directors of APICS – The Association for Operations Management. Over the years he has won many awards for innovation and teaching excellence. His personal interests include fishing and flying airplanes.

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