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Onlinemeded Intern Guide Pdf Free Download

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This Practical Guide for Medical Interns is written for first-year students about to start their medical internships. The book provides information on how to build a schedule and prepare for the rotations, how to manage your time, how to ask good questions, how to be an effective observer, and how to seek help.

Table of Content of Onlinemeded Intern Guide Pdf Free Download

4. Medicationsa. Meds: Top 50 62b. Common Meds: Heart Related 64c. Common Meds: Lung Related 65d. Common Medications: Pain 66e. Common Meds: Poop and Vomit 67f. Common Medications: Psych Meds 68g. Antibiotics 695. Methodsa. Chest Pain 72b. Shortness of Breath 73c. Abdominal Pain 74d. Syncope 76e. Weakness 77f. Fluid Where Fluid Shouldn’t Be (Swelling) 78g. Delirium 79h. Hemoptysis 80i. Fever 81j. AKI 82k. Bleeding 84l. Dysphagia 85m. Back Pain 86n. Headache 87o. Joint Pain 88p. Diarrhea 89q. Pulmonary Hypertension 90r. ECG Interpretation 92s. Cough 95t. Acid Base and the Chamber of Secrets 966. Common Medical Problemsa. Cardiac Chest Pain 102b. So you admitted that chest pain 103c. Heart Failure In the Clinic – Outpatient 104d. Heart Failure In the Hospital – Inpatient 105e. Ab 106f. COPD Exacerbation 107g. Pulmonary Embolism 108h. Sepsis 109i. Principles of Antibiotic Management 110j. Pneumonia 111k. Electrolytes – Sodium 112l. Electrolytes – Potassium 113m. Cirrhosis 114n. GI Bleed 119o. Approach to LFTs 120p. Inpatient Diabetes 121q. Diabetic Ketoacidosis 122r. Outpatient Diabetes 124s. Stroke 1257. Intern Notesa. Cardiology 128b. Pulmonary 131c. Renal Nephrology Kidney 134d. GI and Liver 138e. Heme Onc 141f. Infectious Disease 148g. Endocrinology 151h. Rheumatology 154i. Neuro 1578. ICUa. Sick, Not Sick, On the Fence 160b. Who Goes to the Unit? 162c. ARDS – Lung Protective Strategy 163d. Ventilator Strategy 164e. Common Medications in the ICU: Sedation and Paralysis 166f. In the ICU: Approach to Shock 168g. In the ICU: Pressors 171h. In the ICU: Septic Shock 172i. In the ICU: Running a Code 174j. In the ICU: Running a Rapid 175

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