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When we started [company name], we had no idea what to expect. We just knew we couldn’t find what we wanted: a motor rewinding service that didn’t charge an arm and a leg. So we got to work! Our first line was focused on making you feel like you were getting a deal on your motor rewinding, and you guys knocked us off our feet with how much you loved it. We literally could not keep up with the DMs.

We were thrilled when our business grew so quickly, but then… one of our co-founders got sick, and we almost had to shut down. But our other co-founder would not let that happen without a fight. She was determined to keep us alive and well, so she came up with new ideas to save the company: she added new lines of business to teach people about magnets and electrical currents, because when you know more about the subject than the people you’re working with, they can’t argue with you. And it worked! Now we’re back on top of the game, ready for anything—well, actually literally anything except strong electromagnets—that life throws at us!

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About Free Download Motor Rewinding Books In Tamil Pdf

Motor Rewinding is an application for individuals who wishes to learn how to recoil or repair an electric motor. To use this application, a basic knowledge of electrical technology is recommended.The application is made up of seven steps that makes up the whole rewinding process.

Armature winding and motor repair; practical information and data covering winding and reconnecting procedure for direct and alternating current machines, compiled for electrical men responsible for the operation and repair of motors and generators in industrial plants and for repairmen and armature winders in electrical repair shops.

The title of repairman as used throughout this book is one that a good engineer can bear with pride when he measures up to all its qualifications. Such an engineer is one who in in the majority of cases not only knows what to do in the case of ‘an electrical trouble but just how to proceed to do that particular thing and who seldom guesses without a good per centage of the probabilities of being right in his favor. The main difference between the designer and the repairman is that the former must know what to do while the latter must know how to do it. A capable repairman combines both qualifications through years of experience.

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