Make Your Own Electric Guitar Melvyn Hiscock Pdf Free Download

If you’re looking for the best way to start making your own electric guitar, then this is just the guide for you.

The author of this particular guide has been working with wood for more than 20 years, and has a passion for keeping old-fashioned techniques alive.

This guide allows you to make an electric guitar from scratch.

You’ll find out how to build: A solid body An ash neck plate 4 wooden stringers An ash fingerboard An aluminum pickguard Piezo acoustic sensors A maple neck Reinforcing strips And a maple bridge

The book includes detailed illustrations and images on how to make the pieces, as well as building guides to help you complete the project.

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ABOUT THE BOOK Make Your Own Electric Guitar Melvyn Hiscock Pdf Free Download

Don’t know much about guitar building? No problem. Melvyn Hiscock, the author of the bestseller Building Electric Guitars has written a 160 page How-To book especially for you! This book makes it easy for you to design and build your own electric guitar.

Electric Guitar Craft is your guide to making your very own electric guitar. With this book you can learn how to make your very own model of electric guitar not just look amazing but also sound fantastic. This book is for anyone who has ever wanted to make their own musical instrument or even as a new hobby.

Find out how to build your own electric guitar with the help of this book. All of the tools and materials you need are inexpensive and can be purchased at a hardware store or home center near you. Save yourself a lot of money and start by making an electrifying musical instrument that will continue to bring joy long after the last note is played. Building an electric guitar doesn’t have to be hard — it can be fun and simple, even for beginners!.

Get the best electric guitar building program to build your own electric guitar for beginners. This eBook will guide you through the steps of choosing each component. Download this learning material right now, it’s time to build your own electric guitar using simple guidelines and instructions.

The Melvyn Hiscock Pdf Free Download Revised 2010 Erasable platform entry assists to start out with. It provides the infrastructure to incorporate the innovative thoughts and ideas of tomorrow. Photo-realistic pictures of important components enhance learning. An intensive grouping of facts revolving around electric guitar making procedure is presented in the form of dialogs, help files, images, written word modules, video tutorials and demonstration videos.

This is a first class publication. If you have even the slightest interest in what goes on under the hood of your guitar, then you should purchase and absorb the contents of this book. If nothing else, then the remaindered stock might become exhausted and the publisher might see fit to run with another issue which would justifiably reward the author some more. There aren’t many books of this nature that combine comprehensive information with a little philosophy along the way. I’ve seen American luthiers name check this book on forums. What are you waiting for?
For some, it is not enough to buy a guitar—the challenge of designing and hand-making a unique, customized instrument is the dream. Since 1986, these people have turned to one book: Make Your Own Electric Guitar. Written in a clear, relaxed style, it covers every facet of guitar design and construction, as well as electronic theory and practice, and full woodworking and wiring techniques—all supported with plenty of photos and diagrams. Now in a revised and expanded edition, Make Your Own Electric Guitar will enable any musician or enthusiast with basic woodworking skills to create a uniquely valuable instrument.

About the Author of Make Your Own Electric Guitar Melvyn Hiscock Pdf Free Download

Melvyn Hiscock was born in the south of England at the end of the 1950s. Growing up in what was then a small village meant few local influences, but the radio was always on, and so he grew up listening to some great music, in between the total garbage the BBC played the rest of the time. Starting school, and suddenly having a peer group open to outside influences, happened just as Bealtlemania broke very large indeed and Melvyn has firm memories of being in the Embassy Cinema in Fareham (now a branch of a takeaway where a clown serves something resembling food) to see A Hard Day’s Night. He remembers: “the lights went down and the screen showed the old classification card to say the film was fit for viewing by all ages, the girls in the audience screamed, and then ‘that’ chord was struck and that was it. From that moment I was a guitarist, it didn’t matter that it was another seven years before I got my first guitar for my thirteenth birthday, but part of my DNA was changed that day, and stayed changed for my entire life”.

At school Melvyn found himself in a year where hardly anyone played guitar and so forming bands, or even playing along with other people, was rare. A chance introduction led him to meet a bunch of fellow, like-minded people from another school who understood that life truly could revolve around guitar playing, Monty Python and home-brewed beer, although not always in that order.

One of them, Greg Croydon, even bought a part finished neck, made a body and actually assembled a playable electric guitar and this, together with an interview in the now defunct magazine Guitar with the 23 year old Brian May from the unknown band Queen, who had built a great looking guitar, pushed a few buttons that would eventually change his life.

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