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Hey everyone! We’re so excited to announce the release of our new book, Java 11 Certification: The Ultimate Guide. This is our first foray into publishing, and we couldn’t be happier with the result.

If you’ve ever been interested in getting certified in Java 11, this book is for you! Our goal was to create a guide that would make it easy for you to learn everything you need to know before taking the certification exam. We cover all of the topics expected on the test, and we even include a practice test and tips for how to study effectively if you’re planning on getting certified.

We wrote this book because we know how hard it can be to learn information from a book without a person guiding you along. We hope that by offering our help, we can make your path toward becoming certified as easy as possible!

Java 11 is out! Yay!

Here’s the good news: you can now get a PDF of the new Java 11 Certification Guide, fully updated for 2019. That’s because we’ve released it as a free download on our website, along with all of our other certification guides.

When you download it, you’ll get a digital download code that will let you access a fully-updated version of the book right away. It will be like having an entire Java 11 certification course in your hands! You can read up on the newest features and take them for a test drive. And then you can use this book to ace that next big Java certification exam when it’s time to take it. This is an excellent resource to have in your back pocket, whether you’re just getting started with Java or are already well into your coding journey. But more than that, it’s cool to have something that shows off how far you’ve come as a programmer!

This book will help you learn about some of the coolest new features in Java 11 and prepare for your next certification exam. It covers everything from Lambdas and Streams to parallelization, including JEPs (Java Enhancement Proposals), language changes, and the brand new module system in Java 11.*

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About The OCP Java 11 book PDF Download

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About The OCP Java Pdf Author

Jeanne Boyarsky has worked as a Java developer for over 12 years at a bank in New York City where she develops, mentors, and conducts training. Besides being a senior moderator at in her free time, she works on the forum codebase. Jeanne also mentors the programming division of a FIRST robotics team, where she works with students just getting started with Java.

Jeanne got her Bachelor of Arts in 2002 and her Master’s in Computer Information Technology in 2005. She enjoyed getting her Master’s degree in an online program while working full time. This was before online education was cool! Jeanne is also a Distinguished Toastmaster and a Scrum Master.

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