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Like a vast number of people, I am a Jane Austen fan, and of all her books I have always had a special predilection for this particular tale, although as we all know Pride and Prejudice is her most popular novel. This was first published anonymously, and sales were pretty good for the period, which of course we cannot compare with the likes of today.

Here we follow mainly two daughters of the Dashwood family, Elinor and Marianne, and the trials and tribulations they go through in getting married. We know that Austen changed the structure as well as the title of this as she progressed from her first draught and this was possibly to create something a bit more balanced and thoughtful between the two words in the title, sense, and sensibility. What will the sisters use in their search for a romantic marriage and future?

There is of course sly wit and irony here as Miss Austen shows off her skills that have made her so loved by millions throughout the world. For the likes of many of us in the Western World so the necessity of finding a partner that will bring wealth and property, as well as other things that can further one in the world, have no longer any relevance, but in other parts of the world these are still facts of life, where marriage is not that much about love, but of security.

So, we see troublesome times ahead as both Elinor and Marianne find themselves caught up with men who want other things than just love can bring them. This still makes for an enjoyable and interesting read, showing us the world of the period this was written, and giving us a lot to think upon, or if you read this in a book group, to discuss. This book also shows the development of the novel into what is now the modern romance genre.
About the book sense and sensibility pdf free download
After the death of their father, sisters Elinor and Marianne Dashwood face financial ruin. At the mercy of their half brother, John, and his greedy wife, their only hope is to make a good match. But reduced circumstances make courtship difficult—especially after being turned out of their home. While responsible Elinor takes a practical approach to matters of the heart, Marianne throws herself in unreservedly.
In Jane Austen’s first novel, two of literature’s most iconic characters discover that love demands a balance of passion and pragmatism.
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Revised edition: Previously published as Sense and Sensibility, this edition of Sense and Sensibility (AmazonClassics Edition) includes editorial revisions.

About the author
Jane Austen (1775–1817) was an English novelist known for Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park, Emma, Northanger Abbey, and Persuasion. Though she published her works anonymously, Austen was so successful that she enjoyed personal and professional independence uncommon to women in Georgian middle-class society.
Born into a family of modest means, Austen brought humor, intelligence, and a cynical snap to her heroines and her subject matter, which subverted the expectations of the popular and sentimental romances of the era. Her audacious social commentary and sophisticated realism won Austen approval from upper-class opinion makers as well as readers. But it was Austen’s witty and ironic observations of class and gender divisions that were so distinctive—and today, so influential and universal. With a lasting impact on popular culture, Austen’s canon of work still holds a mirror to each new generation of readers.

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