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ISSN 2016 is an annual publication that is the pure essence of the “ecosystems” that are involved in publishing. It tackles various aspects of new developments, including some which are particular to the publishing world alone.

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Reprint of: Cytogenetic and Genome Research 2016, Vol. 149, No. 1-2 The 2016 edition of the International System for Human Cytogenomic Nomenclature (ISCN 2016) offers standard nomenclature that is used to describe any genomic rearrangement identified by techniques ranging from karyotyping to FISH, microarray, various region specific assays, and DNA sequencing. Suggestions from the international cytogenetics community have been reviewed by the Standing Committee, an international group of experts, nominated by their peers. This updated edition offers: • many new examples, particularly for microarray and region specific assays • trackable changes in the main text compared to the previous edition for easier identification • a nomenclature standard to facilitate the description of chromosome rearrangements characterized by DNA sequencing developed through collaboration between the Human Genome Variation Society (HGVS) and ISCN to accommodate the increased use of sequencing technologies in the characterization of chromosomal abnormalities The ISCN 2016 is an indispensable reference volume for human cytogeneticists, molecular geneticists, technicians, and students for the interpretation and communication of human cytogenetic and molecular cytogenomic nomenclature. After a long collaboration with Cytogenetic and Genome Research, ISCN is now again a part of this leading journal on chromosome and genome research, combining the day-to-day business with the latest findings.

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