I’ll Be There For You Pdf

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About The Book I’ll Be There For You Pdf

They’ve been best friends since high school, but she’s never noticed how sexy he is…until now.

Jeri Winston has always been there for Alexander Frost, her best friend since high school. Now Alexander wants to take their relationship to the next level. But when Connor Addison, the popular boy Jeri had a crush on a decade ago, returns to their hometown as a handsome, successful man, Alexander can feel Jeri slipping away from him. Can he convince Jeri to take a chance on him instead of Connor?

About The Author For I’ll Be There For You Pdf

Hey there! I’m Ellen, a mother of four raising our children in Hawaii with my husband, Andrew. I’m deeply passionate about living a HEALTHY PLANT-BASED LIFESTYLE, homeschooling my children, gardening, ethical veganism, and sustainability.
I’ve been vegan for over 13 years, had three wonderfully healthy vegan pregnancies and home births, and I love sharing my passions with you! I’m committed to encouraging and inspiring others to eat more plants and practice respectful gentle parenting. Andrew and I are working towards our goals to becoming sustainable on our land, growing as much plant food as possible to nourish our family. And we are incredibly thankful for the opportunity to do so.
I hope you feel encouraged through these e-books I’ve created. You can also follow along my story on YouTube and Instagram. Thank you so much for your support!

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