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This book is your guide to mastering the hypnotic language, direct and indirect suggestion, and creating the structure for success in clinical hypnotherapy. This book contains powerful hypnotic inductions scripts, examples of complete hypnosis sessions (some from transcripts of actual client sessions), and by reading these scripts, you will be inspired to incorporate these ideas into your next hypnosis session. Scripts are included for medical conditions like hand tremors, and even resources for creating an abundant future. These scripts are practical, effective, and based on what we know really works.

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Eye Fixation and a Brief Hypnotic Experience13
Induction Strategy 13 Jet Lag Hypnosis Script 17 Mindfulness Exercise 25 Creating Positive Resources States 31 SelfHypnosis Script for Condence 3…57
Breathing in Energy 81 FuturePacing Financial Success 87 Stress Mood and Anxiety 91 Presurgical Preparation 97 Law of Attraction 107 Fear of Ne…115
Without Distraction 119 Peak Performance 127 Hand Tremors 129 Hypertension 137 Cancer Recovery Support 141 Wound Healing 145 Seasonal …155
Suggestions Based On Erickson Language Patterns175

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My name is Jo Ana Starr. I have been the Director of the New England Institute of Hypnotherapy since 1999; I am a veteran social researcher; a popular speaker on the topics of Hypnotherapy, Self Hypnosis and the Mind-Body connection; and the author of 14 books and e-books that are designed to help readers improve their lives and achieve their personal goals.

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