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We’re the team behind Governing Texas, the book that will be your guide to everything you need to know about how politics, policy, and government shape our state.

We’re political scientists and historians who spend a lot of our time thinking about Texas and its politics. What is it about this place—with its diverse population, massive geography, and deep history—that makes it unique? Why are some people drawn to the state so fiercely? How do we make sense of political scandals, policy debates, and social movements that have taken place in Texas?

Go ahead, ask us anything.

Ask us why so many people have moved to Texas in recent decades. Ask us what drives Texans crazy when they think about politics. Ask us why local governments matter so much in a big state like this one. Ask us what all those bills passed by the Legislature do, or why special interests are constantly doing battle over their bottom lines at the Capitol.

We’ll answer every question you send our way with a blog post on our website ( as we continue to explore how policymaking happens in Texas—and what it means for you, wherever you live in this vast state.

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About Governing Texas 3rd Edition Pdf Free Download

The #1 selling book for Texas government courses, with a new focus on the future of Texas politics. Governing Texas is comprehensive, clear, and current. The Third Edition, with new coauthor Jason Casellas, builds on these strengths and has a new theme: the future of Texas. How is Texas changing? How will politics and government change with it? Governing Texas helps students think critically about these essential questions.

Table of Content of Governing Texas 3rd Edition Pdf Free Download

1.The Political Culture, People, and Economy of Texas

2.The Texas Constitution

3.Texas in the Federal System

4.Political Parties


6.Interest Groups and Lobbying

7.The Legislature

8.The Executive Branch

9.The Judiciary

10.Local Government

11.Public Finance

12.Public Policy

13.Crime, Corrections, and Public Safety

14.Building the Future: Public Policies for a Changing Texas

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