Global Supply Chain Management Book PDF

Global Supply Chain Management Book PDF

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About Global Supply Chain Management Book in PDF

The development of international trade is driven by international logistics and management and the provision of the global supply chain. The ultimate objective of global supply chain management is to link the market place, distribution network, manufacturing/processing/assembly process, and procurement activity in such a way that customers are serviced at a higher level yet lower cost. Overall this has introduced a new breed of management in a computer literate environment operating in a global infrastructure.

Addressing this complex topic, Alan Branch’s new book fulfills two clear objectives:

to provide a concise, standard work on the subject, written in lucid language that embraces all the ingredients of a notoriously complex subject with a strategic focus to extol best practices and focus on all areas of the industrial and consumer sectors and their interface with changing international market needs.
Until now, no book dedicated to international logistics and supply chain management was available. Practically-oriented, this book features numerous case studies and diagrams from logistic operators. An ideal resource for management students, academics and managers who need a succinct treatment of global operations, Branch’s book skillfully illustrates his ideas in practice. It is a book which should be on the shelf of every practitioner and student of the subject.

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