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Ghosts of The Silent Hills: A Look into the History of the Town That Inspired Hawkins.

The town of Hawkins, Indiana, has a history as foggy as the air surrounding it on humid summer days. The town has experienced decades of paranormal activity and rumors abound regarding secret government projects and supernatural occurrences in the area.

While these rumors may be nothing more than that, there is an undeniable connection between Hawkins and its sister town to the north—Silent Hill. In fact, many believe that Silent Hill was the inspiration behind the fictional setting of Hawkins.

In this article, we will look at some of Silent Hill’s most famous residents and notable events that may just have inspired some of Hawkins’ most eerie happenings.

There are many spooky places in the world. They range from the truly unearthly, to a place where a terrible event happened. Some will say if you go there and spend some time, you can feel the spirits of those who were never put to rest. Here are some of the most famous: The Sedlec Ossuary in Kostnice, Czech Republic is a small Roman Catholic chapel that has over 40,000 people’s bones decorating the walls and ceiling. The Sedlec Ossary is where a monk who came from Jerusalem sprinkled soil from the Holy Land bringing people from all over seeking to be buried here. In 1783 Frantisek Rint had them all exhumed and used their bones to create artworks and decorations on the church walls. You’ll see skulls with candles stuck in them, bells made of bone, bone chandeliers, a large bone coat of arms, even monstrances and chalices made out of bones. Today approximately 70,000 people visit each year. Be careful not to sit on anyone’s grave!

Waverly Hills Sanatorium is located in Louisville, KY near Bardstown Rd and Waverly Hill Rd. This hospital opened in 1910 as Woodhaven Sanatorium but soon

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About The Ghosts of The Silent Hills Pdf Book

The dead do not rest till they get what they want. You have arrived in the hills. In here, you are surrounded by dense, menacing forests, enveloped in a deadly silence… You never know what lurks here in the Cold, dark night. Do not walk alone after sunset in the hills. A beautiful woman in white haunts the Lonely pathways, looking to enchant and ensnare men… All the people who died in accidents here…

They say you hear their screams at night. And the deserted lodges sitting amidst lush greenery and calm streams… Spirits lie in wait here, ready to prey on the living. There are sceptics who did not heed these warnings. They tried to rationalize what they saw, what they felt. But when they came face to face with the beings that they believed didn’t exist, they couldn’t run away anymore… Ghosts of the silent hills is a collection that will make your nights a little scarier, encompassing the very best spine-chilling stories based on true haunting.

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Born in Shimla in 1955, Anita Krishan spent the initial twenty-two years of her life in this pristine Himalayan town, earning her master’s degree in English literature from Himachal University, and moving on to a career of introducing delights of the language to her young learners. In her long tenure as an educator, she has enriched the lives of countless students with the mystery of the narrative. A versatile writer, each of her literary works appertains to a different genre… from the joys and travails of life, to terrorism that has brought the world to its tenterhooks, to now the paranormal. She has travelled extensively around the globe absorbing the diverse human ethos and cultures—the delectable food for her thoughts. Presently, she lives in Gurgaon with her family. 

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