Frameworks Of World History Volume 2 Pdf

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At the end of a summer in which the country had been rocked by racial unrest, the National Education Association (NEA) prepared to convene its annual meeting in Boston. Before the convention, the NEA Committee on the Problems of Negro Education issued a report entitled “The Negro in the Public Schools.” The report asked the nation to face squarely “the question of racial discrimination and segregation in our public schools.” NEA president George Strayer declared that NEA members must be ready to work for “the abolition of racial discrimination in education.”

The NEA did not, however, go so far as to call for an end to school segregation. Instead, it adopted a policy statement that limited itself to advocating for “equal educational opportunities for all children regardless of race or color” and recommended that local affiliates work with state legislatures to enact laws prohibiting discrimination “in opportunity, training and service.” The NEA’s failure to adopt a more direct position on school integration was disappointing to many African-American teachers. Some black educators had hoped that the association would make an unequivocal commitment to desegregation. In fact, they had proposed a resolution urging the NEA’s support of legislation that would result in “an end to public school segregation,” but it was never brought up.

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About The Book Frameworks of World History Pdf

Frameworks of World History is a groundbreaking text that uses a clear and consistent analytical approach to studying world history. Author Stephen Morillo–an award-winning teacher with more than twenty-five years of experience teaching World History–frames the study of this vast subject around a model that shows students how to do world history and not just learn about it. While this globally organized text contains all of the essential information, it is the only book that does not just tell what happened, but also shows how and why it happened. Using a framework that examines networks, hierarchies, and culture in world history, Morillo presents a thesis and an argument that students–and instructors–can respond to.

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About The Author For Frameworks of World History Pdf

Stephen Morillo holds the Jane and Frederic M. Hadley Chair of History at Wabash College. He is the author of numerous monographs and journal articles and the coauthor of War in World History: Society.

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