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About Electrical Materials Book PDF

Materials are the part of our life and daily works since ancient time. Materials are the primary part of all things surrounding us. In fact some materials have given the name to various ages in human history i.e. Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Synthetic Materials Age, Smart Materials Age. The study of these materials is called the Material Science. Material science is associated with the study of composition, structure, characterization, processing, properties, application and performance of various We Provide Example Solved Problem for easy understanding and Engineering format. This book specially designed for learners. Learn about CHAPTER 1 – CRYSTALLOGRAPHY AND FREE ELECTRON THEORY CHAPTER 2 – DIELECTRIC AND MAGNETIC MATERIALS CHAPTER 3 – BAND THEORY OF SOLIDS AND PROPERTIES OF MATERIALS CHAPTER 4 – SPECIAL PURPOSE MATERIALS 

Table of contents of Electrical Materials Book

Table of Contents Unit-I: Crystal Structure of Materials Crystal Structure of Materials Unit-II: Conductivity of Metals Conductivity of Metals Unit-III: Mechanism of Conduction in Semiconductor Materials Semiconductors Bipolar Junction and Field Effect Transistors Unit-IV: Magnetic Properties of Materials and Electrical Engineering Materials Magnetic Properties of Materials Unit-V: Dielectric Properties of Materials Dielectric Properties of Materials Model Test Papers Examination Papers Index 

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