Comparative Anatomy Of The Vertebrates Kent 9th Edition Pdf

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I created this blog because I am interested in comparative anatomy.

I feel like it is an important part of biology, and I don’t think that enough people are talking about it.

I have been studying comparative anatomy since I was a kid, and my parents always encouraged me to pay close attention to the skeletons of animals.

I find that many people do not give enough attention to the bones in their bodies, but they are what hold us together, and they are what allow us to move.

On this blog, we will be talking about all sorts of different things related to comparative anatomy and the skeletons of various animals.

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About The Book Comparative Anatomy Of The Vertebrates Kent 9th Edition Pdf

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Excellent and in depth text. What you need to know in order to study vertebrate anatomy. I would highly recommend this textbook to anyone attempting to study vertebrate anatomy !
Deemed a classic for its reading level and high-quality illustrations, this respected text is ideal for your one-semester Comparative Anatomy course. For the ninth edition, George Kent is joined by new co-author Bob Carr.

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