Alif Novel Episode 12 Pdf Download

Alif Novel Episode 12 Pdf Download

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About Alif Novel Episode 12 Pdf Download

One of the most popular Pakistani authors and screenwriters Umera Ahmed is all set to release her latest literary work of art Alif nationwide on Thursday. Alif is a novel set partially in Turkey, while the other half is in Pakistan and talks about a conscientious filmmaker Momin, who struggles perpetually with his spirituality versus the intricacies of his glamorous world. There is some love interest involved and a whirlwind of emotions surrounding family values, Sufism and a love for dervishes. Following her brilliant success as a writer for her best-selling novel Pir-e-Kamil in 2004, Umera Ahmed has made a name for herself in Pakistani households. Many of her written works have been produced into drama serials, like the famous ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’, that topped the charts with each new episode and pulled in phenomenal TRPs.

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