A Vow So Bold And Deadly Epub vk

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About The Book A Vow So Bold And Deadly Epub vk

Meggy has found an ad on the Internet for a relationship that she never dreamed possible. The ad is from David, who wants to play being “Daddy” to an adult “little girl”. And she knows she has to meet him. Daddy-David is everything Meggy could have hoped for. Loving, kind, gentle, yet super strict when his bad little girl needs it. And he knows everything bad girls need, super stingy hairbrush spankings when they swear or are sulky, old fashioned temperatures taken the botty way, and hurty enemas when they pretend to be sick. But the day comes when Meggy must leave and become Meg again while she decides if she wants to stay with Daddy-David forever. It’s the hardest thing either of them has ever had to face. 

About The A Vow So Bold And Deadly Epub vk Author

Darla Phelps is an author of ageplay/spanking-oriented stories. It is one of three aliases used by Maren Smith, who currently has five novella/novel-length stories and a handful of short ageplay stories under this name. She is currently working on Victor’s Girl.

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