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A Course in Miracles was written by Helen Schucman, a clinical psychologist at Columbia University, and William Thetford, the dean of its medical school. They claimed that the Course was dictated to them by an inner voice that identified itself only as “Jesus.”

Schucman’s co-worker Kenneth Wapnick termed this “Jesus” a “symbolic expression of the Holy Spirit,” or what many other students of A Course in Miracles have come to call “the Voice for God.”

A Course in Miracles teaches that the way to overcome our guilt and fear is through forgiveness. By forgiving others, we heal the guilt within our minds and begin to experience peace instead of suffering.

About The Book A Course in Miracles Pdf

A Course in Miracles has become a contemporary spiritual classic. Since it was originally published in 1976, readers have recognized in its words truths that they had never heard before, yet somewhere inside seemed to have always known. However, in the process of editing for publication, roughly forty-five thousand words were edited out, mostly from the first seven chapters of the Text, and the wording of the first four chapters was edited to the point where only about a fifth of their sentences retained their original wording. The Complete and Annotated Edition aims to restore the material that was lost. It was created by going back to Helen’s shorthand Notes and editing afresh, retaining the original words to the maximum degree possible. By going back to the words that Helen Schucman heard in her mind and wrote down in her notebooks, it attempts to bring the reader into a more direct encounter with the power of those words. It includes, either in its main body or in appendices, those approximately forty-five thousand words that had been removed in the original published edition. The teaching in this edition does not contradict the teaching found in other editions of A Course in Miracles. However, we believe that this edition will allow the Course’s true meaning and character to shine through a little more clearly. And we hope that this will enable students to better see the Course for what it is, relate to it as it is, and apply its profound truths to their lives. 

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